Often compared to dollhouses because of their extensive trim and bright colors, Victorian homes are not only full of history, but absolute beauty. The term “Victorian architecture” refers to the home style which emerged in the period between 1830 and 1910, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

These style homes, much like other homes, vary greatly, but generally do have similar housing features. Generally, Victorian homes have a steeply pitched roof or irregular shape which possess a dominant front facing gable. Most of these style homes have textured shingles in order to avoid the smooth walled appearance. They also usually feature a partial or full-width asymmetrical porch that is one story and extends well beyond one or both side walls.

This style homes gives a little piece of old time history as well as pure architectural beauty. Most are relatively spacious which can be ideal for large growing families. Ogden is a great place to settle down and purchase a home, thus if looking for a home that not only grants your typical housing needs, but also grants a little piece of history, then a Victorian style home can be the perfect pick. Take a look through the listings below and start making your housing dreams come true!